Stereo Demo


The demo implements "stereoPipeline" example from xfOpenCV library which is applied on live video stream from stereo camera constructed using two Vita 2000 sensors connected to zc702 board from Xilinx. The zc702 provides live synchronous side by side stereo signal in resolution 3840x1080p30 (2x Full HD, half FPS). The demo implements:

  • Collecting of stereo pairs for camera calibration.
  • Detection of chessboard with preview of detected pattern.
  • Computation of camera intrinsic and extrinsic parameters.
  • Preview of undistorted and rectified images with canvas and epilines.
  • Conversion of parameters to proper format for hardware undistortion and rectification of images before stereo matching.
  • Live demonstration of hardware undistortion, rectification and stereo matching of images from video stream. Resulting estimated depth in image is shown in output HDMI. It presents side by side depth estimation and original input from one of camera sensors.

Package Summary

Title Stereo Demo
License free evaluation, bitstreams only
for sources, please contact authors listed in package documentation
Package content zip archive with bitstreams and binaries
Size ZIP file: 154 207 074 Bytes
PDF file: 1 069 185 Bytes
Required tools
ZC702 from Xilinx, 2x VITA 2000 Camera, Trenz and Avnet hardware: TE0808 module, TEBF0808 Carrier and FMC IMAGEON extension
Installation notes
  • Download package
  • Unzip package
  • Follow instructions given in documentation

Result Category

Project number Year RIV category Comment
8A18013 2018 Gfunk Functional sample (demo)

Contact Person

Please, do not hesitate to contact Zdenek Pohl to obtain more information.