Peripheral Controllers for Spartan3E Starter Kit Development Board


This package contains a set of peripheral controllers for Spartan3E Starter Kit development board (S3ESK). These modules allow to control these peripherals on higher level, which simplifies the use of these peripheral in FPGA-based applications.

The modules are based on a configurable wrapper for Xilinx Picoblaze processor. The wrapper has been developed in UTIA as well.

List of modules:

  • LCD - The module for 2x16 character LCD display
  • PWM - The module for eight-channel PWM
  • ADC - The module for two-channel pre-amplifier LTC6912-1 and an analog-to-digital converter LTC1407A-1
  • DAC - The module for SPI-compatible, four-channel, serial digital-to-analog Converter LTC2624
  • FREQ_CNT - Frequency counter 10Hz - 200MHz
  • FREQ_GEN - Frequency generator 20kHz - 25MHz
  • NOR_FLASH - The module for 128 Mbit Intel StrataFlash parallel NOR Flash PROM
  • SPI_FLASH - The module for M25P16 16 Mbit SPI serial Flash

Package Summary

Title S3ESK peripheral package
License Freeware license
(See the 'license.txt' file in the package.)
Package content ZIP archive with the modules
Size 11949735 Bytes
Required tools
& platform
Xilinx ISE, Xilinx S3ESK board
Installation notes See the user documentation for each module in the package.

Result Category

Project number Contract section Year RIV category Comment
2C06008 A2-2 2008 S Functional sample (demo)

Contact Person

Please, do not hesitate to contact Jiri Kadlec to obtain more information.